Our Wedding Gift

After countless disappointing relationships through college and early adulthood, I decided to focus solely on my career for a while. I honestly thought I was going to be single forever. I decided to further my education and get my masters degree. On my first day of grad school, I walked into class and everything changed. I spotted Shawn and instantly knew I'd marry him. I had never met a kinder or more amazing human being. For the first few weeks, Shawn was so focused in class and didn't pay much attention to me. I knew he was secretly just pretending to be that dedicated. Two months into the program, he noticed I was struggling to keep up. I had mentioned to him before that I was working 50+ hours a week on top of going to school. So he asked me if I wanted to do the homework together, and that night we met at a local Starbucks. I didn't process anything we worked on because I was so distracted. Afterwards, I picked up Chinese food and my fortune cookie read, "A new relationship is ab